Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bach Chat: Bachelorette Week 2

I may or may not have a minor obsession with the Bachelor franchise. I've only been watching for a year since Kaitlyn's season and have been hooked ever since. I thought it would be fun to do a little Bachelorette recap/share my thoughts every week since it probably already consumes 65% of my daily conversations anyway. 

Am I in a Bachelorette bracket? Yes. Yes, I am. Half the fun of this show is that it is so produced and edited but it's still so fun to watch. My picks are based on who I think will win and how I think the show will play out. Jordan was the first out the car - winner winner chicken dinner. You can't bring on a weirdo erectile dysfunction guy and not keep him around for a couple weeks (also, please note and appreciate the irony in revealing he is the only one on the show with children).

First things first: who else misses looking at Ben? Everyone? Me too.

So, I really liked JoJo last season. I liked her more than Lauren even though it was clear Lauren was going to win. And to be honest, I like Lauren even less since following her on social media which is unfortunate. However, I feel like The Bachelorette producers totally jipped JoJo with these guys! I don't really love any of them and don't think any of them are overly attractive. Which, I know, doesn't mean they aren't good guys or anything but hello, if I'm watching you every week for 2 hours I would prefer a bunch of cute guys! Chris Harrison, are you reading this?! 

Obviously Chad is a giant (excuse my language, but there's no better word) douchebag. Let's take a moment and acknowledge the fact that in his Bachelor bio he says he would like to have lunch with himself, admires himself the most and his greatest achievement is being good looking. The producers live for guys like him! However, he makes some valid points and I kind of had to agree with him when he was making fun of a bunch of half naked grown men writing a song, even if it did only consist of her name, about a girl they had known for 24 hours. I hear you, Chad. He reminds me of JJ from Kaitlyn's season. Yeah he's obnoxious but it's clear he's playing a part and I end up thinking they are hysterical. Very Scott Disick. 

Also, I couldn't help but laugh at the guys being so mad/surprised at Grant winning a firefighter competition when he is a firefighter. GUYS. Get a grip. Also, Grant, probably should have not struggled so much on that one. 

Other than that, I thought it was a pretty meh episode. I can never keep track of everyone the first few weeks so I have a pretty short attention span while watching. 

Cheers until next week! 


P.S. Come back tomorrow for something exciting... maybe slightly embarrassing... totally unrelated to the Bachelorette! :) 
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