Friday, June 3, 2016


Happy Friday! 

I can't even type this post out without laughing at what I'm about to share. '

So here's my thought process. I love watching YouTube videos. It's actually been my main source of TV since I canceled cable. So, I was inspired and decided to make a favorites video for May as a little Friday Five special edition. 

BE EASY ON ME GUYS. This is my first video I've ever filmed like this and the first video I've edited literally since senior year of high school (shout out TV production class coming in hot). I definitely want to play around with different editing features and programs in the future but I figured I should start out simple :) If anyone has any suggestions for editing programs or anything like that, definitely let me know! I don't take myself very seriously and had so much fun filming this and I hope you can tell! 

Some things I learned after filming this video: 
-My dance moves are those of an 80 year old doing Thriller 
-I may have scoliosis - are my shoulders actually that crooked?! 
-Speaking of my shoulders, I was reminded of my linebacker shoulders 
-I never knew how much I unintentionally rolled my eyes - sorry everyone!

On another note, I wanted to include some favorite moments of the month too because I seriously had so much fun in May! 


Dress: Lauren James

Every year in Nashville there is a Steeplechase and everyone gets dressed to the nines in big hats and spend the day tailgating. If this event wasn't made for me, I'm not sure what was. A big hat, a Lauren James dress and tailgating. I'M IN. I laso had to share this pic of the back of my dress too because it's just too good not to. 

Weekend with my mom

My mom came down in the beginning of May to help me get my life together and decorate my new apartment. We had a great weekend and I am so in love with how my place turned out!! I do want to share the whole thing soon, so here's just a little sneak peak. 

New friends

I'm going to be honest, making friends as an adult in real life is hard. Obviously I moved to Tennessee with one of my best friends and luckily I found a couple of good friends shortly after moving here and I am so thankful for that, but I missed having different groups of people to hang out with. Enter Bumble BFF. Guys. If you're in a new location or are just looking to expand your friend group, use this. It's seriously the best. Kinda awkward at first but it's nice to know everyone is in the same boat and in my case, it was also mostly other girls who had moved to Nashville recently and wanted to meet people! Genius. I wish I thought of this app. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am probably flying home to CT as you are reading this to celebrate one of my friend's wedding! I'm so excited to spend a long weekend home and hopefully get to the beach. 
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