Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Five

You know those weeks where you're counting down the minutes until Friday thinking you'll never make it but all of a sudden it's Thursday and you still have a basket of laundry that needs to be folded from Monday and you have no idea where the time went (but it's somehow STILL not Friday)?! Yeah. That's the kind of week I've been having the past two weeks. And that basket of laundry may still be there. 

It's been a couple of weeks filled with way too many grown up decisions and excel spreadsheets, leaving my head in the clouds and everything I need for work on the kitchen table. Seriously, I got into my car one morning and realized I left everything including my purse in the house, luckily before I left the driveway. 

Anyway, it's Friday! And my life seems somewhat in order. In the midst of a whirlwind few weeks, here's what I'm obsessed with as of late. 

P.S. I promise there are real posts coming next week! 

Kip Moore. More specifically, his dance moves. I was lucky enough to see him (and the beautiful Sam Hunt) last week in NYC on the CMT Up In Smoke Tour. While the show was absolutely amazing, he was cracking me up with his dance moves, mostly because they were very reminiscent of my own. You know the moves. The three glasses of wine casual sway, some flailing arms, maybe a "flying like an airplane" move or two. Needless to say, Kip is now competing against Luke Bryan in my eyes. And we all know that man has one hell of a hip swivel. 

luke bryan gif photo luke-bryan-dancing-o_zps8e478a86.gif

Parenthood. The TV Show, just to clarify. I binge-watched this on Netflix this past spring while I was recovering from surgery and I finished it in just a few days. It just came back last week and I am so sad this is the last season. For all you fans reading - can we please talk about Julia and Joel?! (Here's a picture of Joel just for good measure :) ) 

Baublebar. Like many online stores, I have filled my shopping cart on Baublebar countless times, but never bit the bullet and actually ordered. Most of their stuff is pretty reasonably priced and they always offer free shipping, but I usually like seeing jewelry in person before I buy it. If you are signed up for their emails (obviously, I am), they will send out a promo each week for a $20 item. Well, a few weeks ago, this beauty was the $20 item and I couldn't pass it up. I pretty much immediately bought it. When it arrived just a few days later, I couldn't believe I also received a bonus necklace! The packaging was so cute and this surprise necklace quickly became a daily staple. Baublebar, I'll be back. 

These Pants. So, after a stressful two weeks (partially induced by not having anything to ever wear - yeah, right, Colleen, get it together), I needed some retail therapy. There just so happens to be quite possibly the most amazing T.J. Maxx conveniently located down the street from my office. Holy dangerous, Batman. Also, let me just say in my defense, this started out as simply making a return. Well, as any shopaholic would know, while innocently browsing the store, piece after piece jumped out at me begging me to at least try them on. Trying on is harmless, am I right? But then, I saw them. In my head this went something like an Olympic event: I spotted these beautiful Kate Spade pants. I see a woman out of the corner of my eye doing the same thing. I step up my pace, put a little pep in my step, if you will; but so does she. Leaping over the racks of clothes and people, I get to them first, and as fate would have it, *lights shine down and angels sing* they are my size! The only pair! (I know it's hard to believe, but none of this happened - however, I do believe it was fate). So, moral of the story, expect a full post on these coming soon to a computer near you. 

Plaid. Despite walking into the office and immediately being called a farmer ("She could be a farmer in those clothes" - quick, name that movie quote!), I am full on obsessed with plaid this fall season. Plaid button downs, plaid bows, plaid everything! This can be my fall substitute for pumpkin since I'm not (gasp!) the world's biggest pumpkin fan. I have a staple plaid outfit planned to show you guys in the next week or so that I'm not afraid to admit has already been worn a few times. So stay tuned!  Loving this, this and this

I'm looking forward to catching up on some TV and doing some fall cleaning this weekend. I'm so excited to have absolutely nothing planned. What are you doing? 
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  1. I didn't know it was the last season of Parenthood!! That makes me incredibly sad.
    I started watching the show a couple years ago, and have become increasingly obsessed with it since.
    And Joel....well he is one of the most beautiful men on TV I thing, and Julia is crazy right now. She will come around, no way they could end the show with them not together. They are my favorite couple on the show!

    1. Seriously, one of my favorite shows on TV. I have a feeling they will end up back together, too...

  2. Kip Moore is my celeb crush! I saw him this past summer and he came out in the audience right by me and I was a total fangirl. So sad he didn't do these dance moves when I saw him!!

    xo, carli

    1. Haha! I would have freaked out! He's pretty easy on the eyes...