Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five

So, every Friday I want to feature five of my favorite things I'm currently loving, not limited to any one topic. Here goes my first Friday five: 

The Skimm. I constantly see people liking this site on my Facebook and never really investigated it. Every day you can have an email sent to you with the top news stories and current events and a random fact or two. This is perfect for someone like myself who doesn't necessarily read or watch the news (does E! News count? I can tell you exactly what happened at Joan Rivers' funeral or the best looks at Fashion Week...) so now I know just enough to BS my way through some small talk :) 

Brothers. While I suppose I'm always loving my brother, my friend posted this article earlier this week and it is so true. Change every "little brother" to "big brother" in this article and it describes my big brother and our relationship to a T. From the late night/early morning phone calls to reminding me that since I'm the youngest there were no good genes left for me or dropping everything (including work) because sometimes you just need some bar stool therapy with your brother.
My brother and I in Ireland 3 years ago 
Drinking Class. This new song by Lee Brice has been on repeat for me all week. Something about the beat just gets it stuck in my head all day long, and I don't hate it. 

College Football. Okay, so shockingly, I'm not exactly a huge football fan, but I do love a good tailgate, and tomorrow will be my first tailgate of the season at my alma mater and I am so excited! While UConn is no Alabama, who can argue with a beautiful day, college friends and some pumpkin beer? Sign me up. Also, Kliff Kingsbury, the beautiful Texas Tech coach (big shoutout to Amy from the Bobby Bones Show for pointing my Google search in his direction). He's making me love college football, too. 
Bar Carts. Last week, my awesome mom made me a bar cart, because if you ask me that should be a necessity in any twenty-something-year-old's house. She found the cart at a thrift store and re-did it for me and I came home from work with this beauty in my living room! I'm now obsessed with finding anything and everything to accessorize it. She also re-upholstered and painted the chair in this picture. Told you she's awesome. 

What are your weekend plans? 
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  1. TGIF!! I love your bar cart, and think that is amazing that your mom made it for you!! Enjoy your weekend :)


  2. I love the skim! It really helps me keep up to date on things going on in the world and I don't have to read 500 words article on whats going on. I haven't yet heard that Lee Brice song, I'll have to give it a listen!