Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Business on a Budget

The other day, my friend texted me asking me for suggestions on where to get appropriate and affordable clothes as she starts student teaching. Being only a couple of years out of college (and for her, still in school with an unpaid internship!) it's a little hard to just walk into a store and buy a whole new wardrobe. Plus, we're in our early 20s, who wants to be spending money on work clothes we will have to wear our whole lives! 

My suggestion for her was do as I did when I first started working (if only I knew at the time that jeans and a t-shirt could fly 99% of the time in my office - score!). Get a few nice, well made pieces in neutral colors and mix and match with trendier, less expensive pieces. This way you can still have personality and style while looking professional on a budget. 

I've put together some of my favorite pieces out right now. I usually have the best luck at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/Loft and J.Crew for work clothes. Luckily, I have Ann Taylor and J.Crew Factory Stores near me, so I am able to find pieces for less! Plus, both BR and Loft have sales all. the. time. I would never buy full price there! 
Details | Black pumps: J.Crew | Pencil Skirt w/ Leather: Ann Taylor | Ankle Pants: Ann Taylor | Classic Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor | Non-Iron Oxford: Banana Republic | Cardigan: J.Crew | Statement Necklace: J.Crew | Tote: Kate Spade | Dress: Banana Republic 

What is your favorite work wardrobe staple? 
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