Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five: Superbowl Edition

Well, I've just been living in slacker city over here on my blog. Last weekend was the first weekend I was actually home since the holidays, so to sit down and blog was right on the list of things to do with laundry, vacuum, take Christmas decorations down..... 

Oops. Fingers crossed that my lack of blogging and free time will pay off very shortly. 

Anyway, here are my top 5 perks of the Superbowl as someone who couldn't care less about football.

Snacks. On snacks on snacks. Nachos. Wings. BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP. Give me all of the snacks.
Beer. It would be wrong to not drink a beer while "watching" football yelling football things. Come on ref, let 'em play! 

Commercials. Cliche, I know. But watch this year's Budweiser commercial, if for no other reason than the hunk of a man and the cutest little puppy in it. 

Outfits. Sure, everyone may be wearing football jerseys, but the Seahawks are right on trend with the neon in their uniforms, so what better way to declare yourself a fan than through accessorizing? 

Butts. Tom Brady in tights. That is all. 
Now, I know you're all probably wondering who my pick is for the Superbowl, considering my extensive knowledge on the topic. Honestly, I'm really torn. If I'm picking by the fool-proof method of most attractive players, Brady and Gronk, hello!? But if I'm picking by coolest uniforms? Seahawks for the win. Although, man tears make me cringe, and Russell Wilson has a lot of them from what I've seen (from that one game I watched). And I do love a good joke about balls... 

Who am I kidding - Carrie Underwood is going to win the Superbowl before it even starts. 

What are your Superbowl plans? 
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  1. that damn Budweiser commercial is so cute! I cried each of the 4 times I watched it in a row on YouTube lol