Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday, y'all! Too soon? Does one month in Nashville qualify me to say y'all? No? Didn't think so. Happy Friday lovely readers! 

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things over here with blogging, while also trying to get more regular outfit posts up. If the weather would cooperate on the weekend for once, that would make things a lot easier. We have our first visitor this weekend! Really, it's my roommates friend, but it's still exciting to have an apartment guest! This weekend also marks 1 month of living in Nashville. How crazy is that?! I feel like I moved last week! 

Anyway, here's what I've been loving this week. Aside from coffee, all this dreary weather has made me so tired! Shout out to my boss for buying me a Keurig! 

Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer's 2014 Gloria Awards and Gala speech resurfaced the internet this week, and I'm so glad it did. It's worth a read for all women out there. Pop Sugar captured the essence of the amazing speech with Amy's closing lines. P.S. I get told all the time I look like Amy Schumer. I don't see it? But I love her, so I'll take it! 

Tim McGraw. Would it really be a Friday Five without a McGraw reference? I embarrassingly remember when his daughters were single digit ages, so it was kind of crazy to see this picture of the McGraw clan! But put a smile on my face nonetheless. 

Mossimo Sandals. There seem to be Targets all around me down here, and I've been finding such great things! Like these sandals. I just got them in the mail and can't wait to put them to use this weekend! Slightly obsessed. 

Jumpsuits. It's no secret that I love a good jumpsuit or romper. I snagged this jumpsuit from Old Navy on major sale a couple of weeks ago and got it in the mail on Friday and have already worn in twice. It is SO comfortable it feels like pajamas but makes you look totally put together. I've worn it with my Jacks both times and have gotten so many compliments. A definite must-have in my opinion. 

Full House. Did you guys hear Full House is coming back?! Fuller House is coming to Netflix with D.J. Tanner as a single mom with appearances from all of the old cast! Minus Mary-Kate and Ashley, which is almost okay after the announcement that Nickelodeon has picked up their old shows and movies! The 90s are in full swing here in 2015, from fashion to TV! Also, can someone give me Aunt Becky's skin care routine? She looks great! 


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for reading! 
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  1. Okay so those sandals looked amazing in store, and I bought them (especially after remembering an identical pair for $330 at Nordstrom). Too bad they have me a blister :( Hopefully it just takes a moment to break them in. They were fine at first, but Hour 2 was killer.

    Good luck!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast