Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lily For Target

This was supposed to make it on the (non-existent) Friday Five, but a very fun, unexpected night out on Thursday didn't allow that post to happen :) The honky tonks will do that to ya... 
Anyway, I am SO excited that TODAY is the day Lily for Target is launched! I may or may not have a reminder set in my phone, as if I would forget. These are some of my favorites from the collection, and I really only mean some. I seriously love every piece. The Boom Boom (the green leafy pattern) is definitely my favorite. Is it too aggressive if I buy one of everything in that print? I can't decide if I should take the gamble and go to an actual store, like, as soon as it opens, or not even risk it and order online. The struggle, people. It's real. Also, there are completely meaningless numbers on these items because the collection was only in look book form when I made it. So, those are just an added bonus for now! I'll link them later, if I remember... 

Update: Thanks to a rainy Sunday morning, I overslept and jumped out of my bed like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I immediately went online to find everything sold out. I should have known then. As I'm screaming to my roommate "It's Lily for Target day!!!" (seriously, I think I clapped, too), I see messages from my sister about how at 730 am, she had already fought off the crowds. Uh oh. It was 9:00 here. I went to two Targets, the first one displaying completely bare racks and the second one completely rearranged back to normal like the event never even happened! I found some girls clothing which I seriously debated buying large sizes in, but decided against it. From the sounds of today's #LilyHungerGames, it's probably for the best for not only my wallet, but for the crowds that would have been around me. I've got elbows, and I know how to use them :) But! I did pull the trigger on this gorgeous bag I've been eyeing for a few weeks. Lily inspired, if you will. It's actually neon pink, but isn't showing up like that online. 
Which pieces are your favorites?!
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