Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday! I literally feel like last Friday was yesterday and I couldn't even tell you one prominent thing that happened this week, time is just flying by! But I did book my first flight home to Connecticut this week and I've been setting plans in stone for all of my visitors for CMA Fest here in Nashville in less than a month!! I am so excited for some of my best friends and my brother to be in town. 26 days, if anyone is keeping track... 

Prom Story. If you didn't see this story in the news this week, here is one of the most feel good stories I've read lately. This sweet high school quarterback made a promise to a longtime friend with Downs Syndrome to take her to prom, and he did just that. It's so easy in high school to get caught up in being "cool" that this brought such a big smile to my face. 

Nick Fradiani. I will admit, I haven't watched American Idol in probably 10 years. But being from Connecticut, I had to watch the finale to see Connecticut's own Nick Fradiani win! It's so funny because I've seen Facebook postings and things for his CT based band for a couple of years now and now he won American Idol! And... he's actually good! I always love watching finales like these, I get so excited for the winner! 
Rocksbox. So, I finally gave in and subscribed to Rocksbox. And let me tell you, for $10 a month, it's so worth it! I somehow ended up getting two boxes in the same week, which was extra exciting! If you haven't heard of it, basically you get 3 pieces of jewelry in each box and you can choose to purchase them for a discounted price or just "loan" them for as long as you want and send them back when you're done! I am obsessed with this gorgeous Perry Street necklace. Also, you can get a free month from me with this link! May as well try it once, right? 


This Workout. I was sick this week, so when I couldn't make it to the gym one night, I opted for this at home workout. If any of you listen to Elvis Duran, Worst Assistant Anthony posted it on Wednesday and it was actually awesome! I did 2 rounds of it, but if I was feeling better I would try to do 3 or 4. And let me tell you, 2 rounds had me in a serious sweat. I'm definitely planning on adding this into my post cardio routine at the gym, too. 

Palm Leaf Jumpsuit. I have seen this TopShop jumpsuit from Nordstrom on multiple blogs and I am actually obsessed with it. I love the palm leaf print, and I love a good jumpsuit. It's been out of stock but it looks like it's back in select sizes! To splurge or not splurge... 

Have a good weekend, and thanks for stopping by! 
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