Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Manless Margarita Night

People keep talking about this holiday that's coming up. Valentine's Day I think they are calling it? Never heard of it. Personally, I'll be going on year number 5 of celebrating Manless Margarita Night. While that does make me feel slightly pathetic, I'd like to preface that with I haven't been manless for 5 years, I'm just completely incapable of having a lasting relationship (I swear this is mostly me making fun of myself and only a little bit of bitterness :) ). 

So, this is a post for all my single friends out there - don't spend this weekend having a pity party for yourself, go out and have a few margs with your friends or stay in and have your own party that may consist of inappropriate decorations, sombreros and an inflatable palm tree (see below). Buy a new outfit, glam yourself out and if nothing else, celebrate the guilt-free chocolate binge that is allowed on this holiday, and the fact it will all be discounted on Sunday! But, cardinal rule of MMN, wear black, obvi. 

I wanted to share a few (embarrassing) photos of Manless Margarita Nights throughout the years from the deep, dark archives of Facebook - sorry ladies!  

This was my first taste of MMN, and it did not disappoint. Check out those silver hoops - nothing says "night out" like a pair of big hoops and showing off your right arm circa 2011. 

 The rookie days of Instagram. Oh how times change....

Last year I spent MMN with my best friend on my couch with feet upon feet of snow outside. This was the result - the most accurate depiction of my life ever taken.

I personally can't wait for Saturday - I may even break out some false lashes! What are your plans this February 14th?

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